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Intro into my Crazy- 

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"If we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane.
-Jimmy Buffett

Hey there, Thanks for joining my space. Hopefully you will quickly be able to get a feel for me and who I am. As well as how I show up and why! First off, I’m a Wild Card, you never really know what you will get with me. One moment I’m showing up singing the praises of a Higher Power, calling in the Universe, the four directions and Spirit to support us. The next moment I’m talking like a sailor and dancing to music that you’d normally hear at a rap concert. I feel like if I can show up as my true authentic self in all the ways, that it starts to give others the space to be seen in all of who they are wanting to be. Is that why I show up as my true self? No. I show up as me because it feels so much better than the years I spent “trapped”. I spent more years in what I now call, "disassociated bliss". So many years of thinking I had the best intentions, yet the intentions were just covering up lots of pain, fear, limiting beliefs, and shoulds. So many damn “shoulds”, ones that dictated every single move I made in how I played the roles not only for so many people and myself. Including God, I’m pretty sure the day I shifted, God himself felt a relief as well as a giant Hallelujah and Dance party broke out in Heaven the day I realized just who I really am.The day God finally could say, “ Yes, My wild child be free and live in joy.” The day I felt my soul again, the day I realized that the box of society, the stories, the limiting beliefs, and shoulds was all bull shit. The day I realized I only felt safe when I was playing it “unsafe” by others standards. That I only felt alive as I shifted from what others wanted me to be and do and stepped into whatever the hell I felt like doing and being. Congratulations and Thank you if you are still here with me! :) So that's a little glimpse into the journey I have had to this moment. I’ll create a space to share more, someday. Because it is important we share and connect. Until then here is a little more about me in my wildcardness. I’m a seeker, a leader, a healer, and a damn good time. I show up in this experience as a wife to my greatest gift and challenge. He is all the things I knew I needed in this life to grow, feel challenged, and to feel love. It's hard at times and I won’t ever hide the fact that we trigger the shit out of each other. Yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. Together we have 3 completely different, courageous and wild children ages 19, 10 & 6. They will at some point get a beautiful space where I share a little of what they are teaching me as well as the gifts of being the one who gets to witness their journey first hand. I’m a sister, a friend, a daughter, an ass hole(just seeing if you are paying attention), a granddaughter, a cousin, I’m all the roles and all things that come with being on this planet. I’m just getting to write the story of how that looks for me other than what everyone else wants it to be.

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