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What’s Emotion Code?

It was my first introduction into Energy work. My first "well that's weird shit!" Thought came from someone explaining emotion code. Fast forward 5years and I not only have been blessed by emotion code releasing my own trapped emotions, but I've learned the modality as well as two sister modalities.

So what's emotion code? It is a a powerful technique for self-healing and identifying what is stuck in your subconscious’s and the energies that are affecting your mental and physical health. It can help asssit in easing physical discomfort, overcoming emotional distress and negative thinking, it can also help conquer self doubt and build confidence.

The emotion code assists in clearing and releasing the energies in your body that are causing issues. Anything physical pain, to mental thoughts, patterns, belief systems, you name it, if it's happening in your Body the Emotion code was created as a way to connect the dots.

"The body is made up of pure energy. Every organ, tissue, and cell is made up of energy, and so are the non-physical aspects of yourself.  Thoughts, beliefs, memories, emotions — are also made up of energy. When viewed from this standpoint, you can see how important energetic balance is to your overall health, and just how easy it really is to effect change"1.

If I'm being completely honest, explaining how it works still makes me wonder how it does. But after years of it working for me and my loved ones I don't really question it. I just trust that it does and have so much gratitude for that. It's explained that through muscle testing, which is a way to ask the subconscious questions and get answers through kinesiology as your muscles respond to the energy of stressors. Hopefully this is making sense, if not just let me know we can chat about it more. Our subconscious mind stores all things, knowledge, experience, memories, muscle testing helps unlock the information we may not fully be able to access for one reason or another. The Emotion code, and similar modalities use charts, and a serious if questions to guide the client to finding the emotion, story, belief, perspective, and then to clear it.

The emotion code was something I first learned about through a friend who had their daughter worked on. I'll be honest I was skeptical and unsure. Years later I was struggling with a mountain of things from my past as well as not sure how to fully handle the day to day of my life. Balancing my own healing, my children, my marriage, my days were consumed working along therapist and rehabs to try and get my brother some help to keep him alive was alot. Top it off with the dramatic way my siblings and parents counter balanced the work I was doing with him and then made sure to let me know how wrong I was for some of my actions. Was alot. I was drowning. I'd referred a man names Jim to many others but never done work on myself through the Emotion Code.

During a meditation I got a clear prompting that it was time to call Jim for myself.

I'd done therapy and been stuck, things weren't moving and God was telling me it was time to move things. Not only if I wanted to be able to manage my life today but in the months and years to come. That was Sept 2020.

I remember sending Jim my form and being very generic in what I was looking to have done, not giving away details I was hoping he would be able to pinpoint things. This was my own skeptic and wanting confirmation this shit worked. What's cool with emotion code and similar modalities is that it can be done remote, not in the same room or location. Jim works as he has time and fits it in when it aligns with his other projects. So I wasn't sure when he would get to it. I remember sitting with my daughter who I was homeschooling at the time working on her studies. When I got an overwhelming sense something was wrong. I'd never been anxious to my knowledge but I was feeling lots of anxiety, my heart rate sped up, I was short of breath. It came out of nowhere, so I checked my blood sugar and heart rate to see if I was physically ok. But I still couldn't shake the feelings and response my body was having. Not 20mins later I got an email that Jim had just worked on me and cleared some heart wall things and lots of trapped emotions from a young age.

After reading through the sessions notes I felt at ease and also emotional. I had always shoved my emotions and feelings, I had lots of stories and beliefs that I had to. But this moment I had just let the tears come. The tears of relief, of sorrow, of joy. I was able to feel my heart and connect my body response to emotions for the first time in my life.

If only I'd known the journey thst session would start me on, I probably would have journaled it more. But I know that it released things, moved negativity I'd lived with my whole life, and given me the opportunity to show up differently. I learned to feel the damn thing fully and let it go Vs holding it, shoving it down and causing all sorts of other problems and issues.

It wasn't 3month a later Jace passed away. I know God and my higher self were pushing me to heal. I know both my intuition and God knew what was coming and I was being prepared to be hit with the hardest thing in my life. I spent the next 2months in close contact with Jim doing muiltiple session and releasing layers of pain and suffering. Had I not, I know losing Jace would have been a different story for me. I would not be where I am today, if even alive. Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually.

Which is one reason I'm driven to do this work. It saved me, the power of Gods hand in my life, or energy working for my better (whatever way you want to look at it) It gave me a chance to have something different. I truly believe had Jace had these types of modalities available to him his last few years, his last few years would have been different. I don't say that with sadness or regret, but with hope that it will fill someone's heart enough to be curious enough to trust that it just might or that it can work for them.

All the Love. All-Smiles.


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