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What’s Your Blog About?

Honestly, I'm not sure.. YET. You are here though so Lets get personal... for a start

Its been a long time since I have "blogged". So many years that I'm sure I've added a few kids, dogs, moved a zillion times and changed at my core.

I spent the better part of my life convinced that people didn't really care what I had to say. Part of me still does. I have had this limiting belief that if I wasn't serving others, or busy all the time then I wasn't fulfilling my life. Or that my life was being wasted, if I wasn't always caring for others. This showed up in a lot of unhealthy patterns and beliefs. I've been looking at my life differently for years and making adjustments to have more JOY, LOVE, and to PLAY more.

While I have shared brief parts of my life through social media, a podcast and a few other things. Nothing feels right... YET. I'm still looking and hoping that I will find my way of showing up in my world. Not the whole world, ...ya I had another limiting belief that if I wasn't changing the whole world, I wasn't doing enough. Do I want to change the whole world... HELL YES I DO. It starts in my heart, my home, and the people I connect with. If it gets bigger great, if not. I know I showed up best I could in the spaces I get to be in.

My intention here is to create a space where I connect with others through connecting to the parts of me that have evolved and that are still waiting to shift. So if its 2 of you, or 200. Hey, I'm showing up For Me. For you. For my Heart and yours.

Whatever it looks like, I'm here for it.

If you are here and wanting to connect or have questions please let me know. I'd love to share my thoughts, feelings and what I've learned

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